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5 Simple Ways to Save Time as a Mom

Between responsibilities at work and home, our lives can get stressful and overwhelming. It seems like your to-do list is always growing and before you know it, your tasks become impossible to do and nothing gets done. We have all been there and it’s no fun. When you find yourself not knowing where to start, it’s the “little things” that will get you on the right track. Finding those small ways to create a simplified routine that saves you time and will make your life more manageable is key!

So, let’s chat about convenience!

According to the Oxford language dictionary, the definition of convenience is: “the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty”. Okay, I really like the sound of that. But what if you really took a look at your life and made some intentional adjustments in key areas so that you could actually live a life of convenience? What might that really look like? A great starting point is to figure out what your key areas are. An example of a broad key area would be your home. From there, try to narrow down the tasks in your home that take up the most time and energy. For example, if laundry is a task you identify that takes up a lot of time and energy, you would want to create a strategy to lessen the time you spend doing laundry. Then, consider the ways you can spend less time doing laundry- it could include creating a capsule wardrobe or donating your clothing. Having less things will add peace to your home. When your home is cluttered, it’s more difficult to think, work and enjoy your space.

For me, it involved taking a closer look at how I was spending my time around our home. I didn’t have a set cleaning routine, so typically things would get done whenever I could get to it. I knew I needed to be more efficient, but how? Answering that question would lead to more free time for me and quality family time. More free time? Count me in. I was motivated needless to say and after taking a closer look, realized I was spending too many hours taking care of our home. I was also spending a lot of time on personal care, including doing my hair and nails at home. It was time for a different approach. So I decided to simplify the tasks and make them more convenient for me. 

Here’s my list of 5 time saving tips for Moms:

  1. Grocery pick up or delivery – this is a game changer. You decide the date and time most convenient for you, then go and pick them up. You can also have them delivered for a fee or pay a yearly subscription for this service. My favorite tip by far.
  2. Ten minute tidy – Pick a room, Set a timer and see just how much cleaning you can get done- you can even get the kids involved to have a race and make it fun.
  3. Get organized – Everything should have a home. Toys have a bin, laundry has a basket, clothes have a drawer. This works wonders for keeping your house neat and tidy everyday.
  4. Declutter– The less things you have, the  less you will have to keep up/manage (get more selective about what you bring into your house. We don’t just let anybody into our homes, the same should go for miscellaneous items including clothing and home decor.
  5. Less screen time – Ain’t nothing wrong with spending some of your down time browsing on social media, but sometimes that browsing can turn into mindless scrolling. Try to cut out random scrolling on social media. You can easily reinvest this time into yourself and your home. 

All of these small changes make a major difference. Each one of them have helped to add more convenience into my life and help keep my house in order, which allows for more family time and less time spent maintaining our home- I call that a win!