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Setting the Tone in Your Home

In the words of Queen Bey, “who run the world?!” Yep, we all know the answer. We also typically run another smaller domain known as, home. While it may be smaller, make no mistake about it, it is very important. 

Now, I want you to take a moment and really think about this, if the woman of the house is stressed, sick or otherwise down, ever notice how the whole house is affected and things are just not the same, like something is missing? That my friends is a real life example of setting the tone- but imagine if you intentionally and positively set the tone on a daily basis.  Now we’re getting to the good stuff…

As women, we are multi-talented and multi-faceted. We are also usually multi-tasking, not just out in the world, but also at home. Many of us clock out of work and then clock right back in at home. Whether you have children or are a rich auntie, are single or married, you set the tone in your home. As women, we tend to have that special, intuitive touch that makes a house a home. It’s the meals we prepare and the oh so good smells that fill the house as we cook. It’s our sense of style, the way we organize our closets and the laundry we fold (hello Ms. Kondo). It’s the home decor we choose and how cozy it makes us feel— it’s all of these things and SO much more. 

Keeping the house tidy is one of my chosen responsibilities as the woman of my home. It may not be considered as a glamorous job, but having a clean home brings me peace. I take pride in myself and my family and I want our home to reflect that. This includes keeping a simplified, fun and relaxing home. Part of setting the tone in your home is being aware that you control how the house functions. For example, in my family I buy our groceries and decide what we eat. Family meals are at the heart of our home, so naturally, I want the surrounding aesthetic to be calm and inviting. Keeping the decor simple is most important because this means less upkeep and time spent tidying up for me. 

Intentionally keeping my home simplified has added a sense of calm to my home environment. Now, don’t get me wrong, life still happens. But, at least when it does, I don’t have an endless laundry list of to do’s (pun intended). By having less clothing, random decor and other miscellaneous items in my home, I have less to manage. I feel more upbeat and less stressed because there is less to do. 

One of the best parts is that I have found my home is more beautiful with less! By keeping my decor minimal, I avoid having to regularly change up the style of my home. Trends come and go- from colors, to patterns, interior design is always changing  year after year. But, there is just something about a clean, simplified and joyful home that never goes out of style.