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7 Day Honeymoon in Europe with Itinerary

That one time in Rome, Athens and Santorini…

Four beautiful years, 2 babies and an eternity to go. My anniversary is right around the corner and love is all in the air y’all!! Hubby and I will definitely be celebrating our union, though we have decided to stay low key this year- but a girl can reminisce right?! Enter our dream 7 day honeymoon in Europe *swoons*. We traveled to Rome, Athens and Santorini– it was the best time!! We hope to visit again…but with the increased risk of traveling right now and having little ones, it won’t be anytime soon. Back to reminiscing…here are some photos below, along with our itinerary in case you’re interested. Enjoy!

Day 1: Monday 9/24 depart Orlando at 7:55pm. Arrive in London at 9:25am. Layover in London for 3 hours. Depart London at 12:35pm. Arrive in Rome Tuesday 9/25 at 4:05pm. Uber to Hotel Flora in Frascati, check in. Rest. Dinner at Raro – Ristorante Frascati. Our food was amazing and they have a gorgeous grotto and cellar we were able to tour. 

Hey Rome, hey!

Day 2: Wednesday 9/26 sightseeing day. Ubered into Rome and toured the major landmarks including Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, St. Peter’s Basillica, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain of Rome. We also purchased a guided tour of the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel. Ubered back to Hotel Flora. Rest. Dinner at Tarbert in Frascati where we enjoyed the laid back vibes and satisfying food with a bottle of wine. 

A Sweet Surprise in Frascati!

This is an image of my husband holding one of the grapes in the vineyard… I love this one, and the experience was unlike any other.

Day 3: Thursday 9/27 Frascati Vineyard Tour/Last day in Rome. The sweetest part of our stay in Rome. A private tour of a local vineyard. Needless to say, the tour, wine and tapas were amazing. Highly recommend. Lunch at a place I can’t remember- probably for good reason because it was not good. Uber to airport, depart Rome at 5:25pm. Arrive in Athens at 8:25pm. Uber to Estia Boutique Apartments, check in. Quick late night bite to eat at a local pub. 

Day 4: Friday 9/28 depart Athens at 7am. Arrive in Thira, Greece (Santorini) at 7:30am. I mean, WOW! We spent the entire day and evening on this beautiful island in Oia. As soon as we landed, we found a spot and ate breakfast. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I don’t recall it being a meal to remember. On top of that, it was raining on the island when we arrived. With extra time to burn, we booked a room to rest up and get out of the rain for a few hours. By the time we woke up, I was feeling better and it was as if it never rained. The weather was perfect and sky was gorgeous. We found a place for lunch and had cocktails over looking the Aegen Sea…again, just WOW!! We also shopped on the island and as you might expect, took lots of photos with the romantic scenery of the blue and white rooftops behind us. For the evening, we were able to grab a great spot for more cocktails and to watch the sunset- a must do when on the island. Depart Santorini at 11:20pm. Santorini was for sure the favorite stop on our European honeymoon. If you have the opportunity to go, run, don’t walk.

Day 5: Saturday 9/29 arrive in Athens at 12:10am. Uber back to Estia Boutique, rest. We pretty much used the entire day to rest, which was really nice. We found a local bakery (so yum) for breakfast and some nearby restaurants with to go options for lunch and dinner.

A Night Out in Athens!

Day 6: Sunday 9/30 sightseeing day. Ubered into Athens for a self guided tour of Acropolis of Athens and Parthenon. We enjoyed this so much, despite the gloomy weather. Another highly recommended activity. Uber back to Estia Boutique, rest. Dinner and cocktails at Zurbaran was delicious and the ambiance was amazing with the perfect blend of modern and sophisticated nightlife energy. Uber back to Estia Boutique, rest.

Day 7: Monday 10/01 depart Athens at 6am. Arrive in Rome at 7am. 4 hour layover, then depart Rome at 11:45am. After a 9h 55m flight, we are back to the States and arrive in Philadelphia. After a 3 hour layover, we depart Philadelphia at 6:45pm. Finally home sweet home, we arrived in Orlando at 9:29pm.