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Top 5 Fall Family Activities

We Outside Yall!

I really love being outside– but not the post-pandemic “outside” that might come to mind. No. I mean, I love being outdoors! There is something about feeling the sun on my face and the fresh air that has a happy, calming effect on me. If I had to guess, I would say that’s the Florida girl in me. Thankfully, the weather here in the sunshine state allows my family and I to be outdoors pretty much year round. We keep ourselves hydrated, apply sunscreen, then we are out the door for some fun in the sun. 

Before getting married and having babies, I spent a lot of time outdoors, rollerblading, walking, running, and biking. Then after getting married, my Husband and I continued to spend a lot of time together outdoors, walking or hiking trails, running and biking. Then we had babies…and I am happy to see that we are still outside y’all. 

When I tell you kids LOVE being outdoors, they really love being outdoors! It’s amazing to see the joy  it brings to my 2 year old when she is exploring nature outside. The bonus here is that this time spent outside is not only beneficial for her mood, it is also beneficial for her immune system and overall development. Nature is an awesome teacher and we take advantage of every opportunity to learn. 

Not that you need more convincing, but the health benefits of being outdoors affect adults positively too. According to the USDA Forest Service, scientifically proven benefits of being outdoors include decreased stress and faster stress recovery as well as  increased focus and attention. Additional benefits also include higher levels of fitness, reduced muscle tension, lower cortisol levels and lower heart rates, which in turn lowers risk for heart disease. In summary, it is highly recommended that you spend some time outside. 

With Fall approaching, the weather will be cooler so we can comfortably spend even more time outdoors. In addition to local area parks and playgrounds, I also search online for scheduled outdoor events. As I find upcoming events, I add them to my list of seasonal fun activities to try. Here are a few of the family friendly activities I am looking forward to this Fall season:

  1. Go pumpkin patching and take a hay ride: Not just for the kids, okay?! I cannot wait to wear cute outfits and frolick amongst the patches of pumpkins. Yes, I am probably more excited about this than my 2 year old. 
  2. Visit a local animal farm: This has been on my places to visit list for a while and when the weather cools down we are finally going- also excited about this one. 
  3. Check out a farmers market: Always a family friendly event with free parking and entry. Really does not get much better. Adults can browse vendors and the kids usually have a place to play. 
  4. Visit local parks: The possibilities are endless with this one. Between walking trails, playgrounds and some even having organized family activities, park hopping will keep us busy during the cooler Fall months.
  5. Corn maze: If you’re up for a little more adventure, try a live corn maze! See if you can find your way through and enjoy some family bragging rights this Fall!

Most of the events I choose are free and do not require advance registration or tickets. This gives me flexibility in deciding when to attend. If you find yourself looking for some family friendly activities, I hope this list will encourage you to explore your surroundings and spend some time outdoors!